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English / Job Information for foreigner

Category: day service(for care older person)
Business content: nursing care,bathing assistance,meal assistance,pick-up,recreation,manager work ※1
Location: Adachi-ku, Tokyo, neighborhood of Katsushika
Working hours: 8:00 ~ 18:00 (8 hours working)
Employee dormitory completion: rent 0 yen to 30,000 yen (currently available in 0 yen room)
Salary: 8 hours working: 200,000 yen ~ ※2, driver’s license is recomended ※3
Japanese Language Ability: N5 or above (Increase in allowance if you improve after work)
Permanent visa acquisition available (Based on nursing care VISA: Acquisition cost Company burden system available)

※1: Manager work(N3 or N2)
We are currently looking for managers to do nursing care work and interpreter / personnel management work.
Those who can apply for foreigners or to guide daily work: Separate allowances 20,000 yen to 40000 yen.

※2: The training period at the time of joining is from 180000 yen.
your salary is increased 20000 yen as employment situation (including Japanese language ability).

※3: About driver’s license(Inportant)
If you can drive and pick up a costomer by car,you can work 8 hours and we add salary +20000 yen ~ 50000 yen per month.
If you have driver’s license in home country,you can rewrites it to Japanese license, it is OK.
If you want, you can get driver’s license FREE.
Because,we have acquisition cost loan system.
And,you can get bonus(especial salary) about length of service.
The fee is total 300,000yen. To get driver’s license cost is 250,000-300,000yen.
It takes about 1-2 month.
we recomend to get it during VISA application period,and you can start by part time job.

Content of inquiry / Preferred date and time of Interview

電話応募する場合:03-5838-2910(Japanese Only)


お名前 (必須) Name

性別 (必須) Sex

メールアドレス (必須) email address

電話番号 (必須) phone number

題名 subject

面接希望日時 Preferred date and time of Interview
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